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Sunday Assembly London presents:

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Sunday 1st May @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Thu, 28th Apr, 2016
Sunday Assembly

See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Living Life to the Full as a Deafblind Person.

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Conway Hall Ethical Society presents:

Music and the Communist Idea

Sunday 1st May @ 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm
Mon, 8th Feb, 2016
Music and the Communist Idea

To complement the meeting of the Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist-Leninist taking place in Conway Hall’s Main Hall this evening, musicologist Roderick Swanston will give a talk illuminated by musical examples on this fascinating topic.


NOW Live Events presents:

Writing to heal your life with Jackee Holder

Tuesday 3rd May @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Wed, 23rd Mar, 2016
Jackee Holder

In this workshop with inspirational speaker, coach, writer and Psychologies Life Labs blogger Jackee Holder, you will practise expressive and therapeutic writing techniques designed to deal with everyday stresses, dilemmas and challenges, and to create opportunities for personal insight.

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£75 - £100

Conway Hall Ethical Society presents:

No Gods No Masters: London’s Radicals, Secularists, Suffragists And Pacifists.

Thursday 5th May @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Tue, 22nd Mar, 2016
by Walter Stoneman, bromide print, circa 1890

FULLY BOOKED – This eight week course will look at some remarkable people and movements who spoke up and campaigned for progressive ideas and social change in London from the 1790s-1940s. It will tell their individual and collective stories, explore how they popularised their ideas, and influenced each other, visit sites of protest, and consider their lasting achievements.


The Red Tent presents:

Gender Identity – A Critical Examination

Thursday 5th May @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Fri, 18th Mar, 2016
Rebecca Reilly-Cooper

SOLD OUT – Dr Rebecca Reilly-Cooper delivers a feminist critique of the politics of gender identity.

£15 - £20

The Boring Conference presents:

The Boring Conference

Saturday 7th May @ 10:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sat, 19th Mar, 2016
This is the Boring Conference

SOLD OUT – The Boring Conference returns to Conway Hall. A one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked; subjects often considered trivial and pointless, but when examined more closely reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating.


One Cause presents:

The One Cause Gigglathon 2016

Saturday 7th May @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat, 12th Mar, 2016

Back by popular demand, this year’s One Cause Gigglathon is going to be better than ever. Get ready to laugh your socks off with one of our best ever line ups including the one and only Reginald D Hunter headlining, supported by Adam Bloom, Maff Brown & Ross McGrane (MC).

£0 - £3

Conway Hall Ethical Society presents:

Trident Renewal – The Arguments

Sunday 8th May @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Wed, 20th Apr, 2016

In this presentation, Quaker peace activist Timmon Wallis summarises the startling findings in his new book, The Truth About Trident. He pits facts, figures and logic against the major arguments for the renewal of the Trident program and finds that each one comes up wanting.

£0 - £10

Conway Hall Ethical Society presents:

Eeden Quartet

Sunday 8th May @ 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm
Tue, 9th Feb, 2016
Eeden Quartet

Schubert: Quartettsatz D703
Mendelssohn: Quartet in A minor Op.13
Debussy: Quartet in G minor Op.10

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£10 - £20

The Idler presents:

Is London dying?

Monday 9th May @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Sun, 10th Apr, 2016

Is London dying? With Iain Sinclair, Katharine Hibbert, Angus Hanton and Tom Hodgkinson

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Ethical Record

Two Readings of Art.fw

31. Two Readings of Art

Posted on: Sun, 24th Apr, 2016
Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

The Panama Papers, the Global Elite, and the Democratic Deficit

Posted on: Thu, 21st Apr, 2016
Lecture date: Sun, 22nd May, 2016
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The Panama Papers have revealed the corruption and greed of the global elite. They have also underlined the hollowing out of democracy. We now inhabit a world in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in human history. The hoovering of wealth to the top has accelerated since the 2008 Crash. This is happening as benefits are cut, wages stagnate, and public services are sold off to profiteers; and as war tears apart one society after another, and climate change threatens environmental catastrophe. We face a compound crisis of the global capitalist system: an existential crisis for humanity and the planet. Yet democracy has been comprehensively hollowed out by identikit corporate politics. Worldwide democratic revolution – to end the rule of finance-capital, to dismantle the debt economy, and to dispossess the 1% – has become an historical imperative. Neil Faulkner, an authoritative and high profile thinker will provide a unique assessment of these issues, which so profoundly threaten harmony and stability in the 21st century. ...Read More »

Speaker: Dr Neil Faulkner FSA
ER verion 720 x 300.fw

Is Humanism Dead?

Posted on: Wed, 20th Apr, 2016
Lecture date: Sun, 24th Apr, 2016
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

What can humanism say about the problems we face today? It's been claimed often enough that humanism is so locked into 19th century patterns of thinking it's now hopelessly irrelevant. All this talk of progress, believing in 'man', and confidence in science and reason? Please! We can at this point either just deny claims of this sort, or look closely at what humanists have said. Bill Cooke, an authority on Humanism, delves into humanist thinkers from around the world and makes a strong case for the ongoing relevance for humanism in the twenty-first century. But not without finding a lot of dross along the way. ...Read More »

Speaker: Bill Cooke
David Hume Statue in Edinburgh

How David Hume became the First Modern Humanist

Posted on: Wed, 20th Apr, 2016
Lecture date: Sun, 5th Jun, 2016
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

David Hume was one of our greatest philosophers. When he was growing up, the dominant ethical debate in Britain was between the “pessimists”, who believed we are all fundamentally selfish, and the “optimists”, who vehemently denied this. The latter were all devout Christians, and so for those sceptical of orthodox religion (like the young Hume), the only credible view was the pessimistic one. After publishing his first book, however, Hume had an epiphany—prompted by, of all things, the sermons of an English clergyman—and was persuaded of the optimistic alternative. He then had the profoundly important realisation that this view is consistent with scepticism about religion. This talk will tell the story of this hugely significant moment in the history of ideas. ...Read More »

Speaker: Amyas Merivale
Gripping the steel bars

Prisons in Crisis

Posted on: Wed, 20th Apr, 2016
Lecture date: Sun, 15th May, 2016
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The prison population in England and Wales has doubled since the mid-1990s. Prisons are experiencing huge problems, with rises in violence and self-harm. Suicides behind bars are at their highest levels in a decade. There were more homicides in prison in 2015 than any other year on record. This is an urgent question for today and it’s no wonder the Prime Minister has recently announced prison reform as a government priority. ...Read More »

Speaker: Andrew Neilson

Trident Renewal – The Arguments

Posted on: Wed, 20th Apr, 2016
Lecture date: Sun, 8th May, 2016
Estimated reading time: 0 minutes Less than a minute

How much will the renewal of Trident actually cost? Have nuclear weapons really kept us safe since the end of World War Two? Is Trident even legal under International Law? The UK professes to be committed to 'multilateral disarmament' - but is that actually the case? In this presentation, Quaker peace activist Tim Wallis summarises the startling findings in his new book, The Truth About Trident. He pits facts, figures and logic against the major arguments for the renewal of the Trident program and finds that each one comes up wanting. ...Read More »

Speaker: Dr Tim Wallis
Book Review


Posted on: Mon, 11th Apr, 2016
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

By: Hazhir Teimourian (Peach Publishing (2015))

Review by: Norman Bacrac

Radio, television and Times journalist Hazhir Teimourian gave the keynote speech at the Ethical Society’s Annual Reunion of Kindred Societies a few years ago; he has also spoken to the Society on Sunday mornings on the situation in the Middle East. In 1998, he gave four autobiographical talks on BBC Radio 4, entitled A Kurd’s […]

Swans alt.fw

30. Lévy-Bruhl and Difference

Posted on: Sat, 9th Apr, 2016
Estimated reading time: 15 minutes
World face.fw

29. The Face – Part 2

Posted on: Sat, 26th Mar, 2016
Estimated reading time: 14 minutes
End is Nigh

Is the End of Religion Nigh?

Posted on: Thu, 17th Mar, 2016
Lecture date: Sun, 10th Apr, 2016
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

In this illuminating talk by Dr Lois Lee explains "Why does it seem like ‘God is back’ to some but quite the opposite to others?" ...Read More »

Speaker: Dr Lois Lee

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