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Main Hall
Main Hall
Experience Conway Hall as if you are here!
We are delighted that we can now offer our online visitors 360 degree Virtual Tours of Conway Hall.

From the wonderful Art Deco wood panneling of the Main Hall, through to the terrazzo finish and Tuscan column in the Foyer, the architectural beauty of Frederick Herbert Mansford’s vision for Conway Hall comes alive through this series of ‘panoramas’.

As well as the ground floor spaces such as the Brockway Room and Bertrand Russell Room we have also included the small but perfectly formed Artists’ Room. However, for ambiance and atmosphere the Library with its original parquet, impressive fireplace and purpose built shelving has to be a favourite of all who view her charms. Immediately above the Foyer, on the first floor, the Library is a joyful discovery to all who make the journey up the polished stone staircase. See it, and the other rooms here first, but then do also come and visit these splendid spaces in the flesh when next in Holborn.

  1. Main Hall
  2. Brockway Room
  3. Artists’ Room
  4. Bertrand Russell Room
  5. Foyer
  6. Library Virtual Tour

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