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Our Vision & Strategy

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In 2016, we undertook a revision process to bring together some of the learning we had undergone over the past few years with some of the aspirations that we also had for the future. Out of this process we developed a new vision and strategy for Conway Hall.

Our Vision

Conway Hall is & always will be the place for those who dare to dream of a better world.

For nearly a hundred years, Conway Hall has been home to Britain’s bravest thinkers and boldest social movements.

Conway Hall is where the radical ideas that change our society are born.

We exist for people and communities:

  • Who have radical ideas to improve our society
  • Who want to be inspired by the greatest thinkers and movements of our age
  • Who want to learn about the history of radical thought

Our Strategy

  1. Opening up cultural and intellectual opportunities to local and diverse communities
  2. Adapting to be more resilient, ethical and environmentally sustainable
  3. Creating opportunities for children and young people to learn and be inspired
  4. Equipping our diverse governance, workforce and volunteers with the appropriate skills to deliver excellent cultural experiences
  5. Increasing the quality, volume and reach of digital cultural content

For more information, please see our Annual Review for 2015-2016.

Vision and Strategy

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