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Main image: © Paul Clarke Photography

Portraits of Conway Hall staff by Andrew Firth, Darren Johnson and Jeff Davy.


Carina Dvorak, Brian Biagioni • Venue Hire

Chris Bird • Maintenance

Deborah Mohanen • Marketing & Evaluation / Production Editor, Ethical Record

Eva Aubrechtova • Operations Coordinator
with: Brian Biagioni, Rogerio Retuerma, Tony Fraser

Jeff Davy • Fundraising & Marketing Manager

Jim Walsh • Chief Executive Officer

Kheira Hadjazi • Visitor Services Assistant

Linda Lamnica • Finance Manager

Maggie Nightingale • Head of Visitor Operations

Martha Lee • Arts & Partnerships Manager

Sid Rodrigues • Systems Manager



Kate Bevan
Bob Churchill
Carmen D’Cruz
Yvonne Field
Andy Gibson

Dee Harding
Carl Harrison (Chair)
Liz Lutgendorff

James O’Malley
Martin Robbins
Jonathan Treadway

Stewart Ware

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Jim Walsh

Chief Executive Officer

I first discovered Conway Hall and Conway Hall Ethical Society in the autumn of 2010. At that time, I realised I had discovered an entity both professionally interesting and personally engaging. Put very simply, the amazement I felt at discovering that there was such a thing as an ‘ethical society’…

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Liz Lutgendorff

Chair of Conway Hall Ethical Society

Conway Hall Ethical Society has played an influential role in my life in the past few years. Following on from a paper I wrote for my Masters degree, I completed my dissertation on one of the Society’s historical members – Frederick James Gould. Having found this immensely rich and interesting…

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