Ethical Record Issues

HOW THE CHURCH CHANGED ITS TEXTS Peter Cresswell In analysing discrepancies in Biblical texts, the aim should be to find a theory that provides the best explanation of the evidence as a whole. This contrasts with the approach of Christian apologists, who often accept only the evidence which fits with…

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Sun, 9th Mar, 2014

A SECULAR SOCIETY? Keith Porteous Wood Britain is only to some extent a secular society. Continuing obeisance to religion is evident in the facts that bishops have the automatic right to sit in Parliament, and that a daily act of worship is obligatory in every school. Also, the Church of England is…

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Thu, 6th Feb, 2014

THE MEMORY WARS Mo Costandi Modern research has shown that memory is not only reproductive (directly evoking what happened in the past) but also constructive (embellishing what did happen, and creating what did not). The reconstructive tendency has impacted extensively on the conducting of criminal trials, where witnesses have, for…

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Thu, 9th Jan, 2014

‘INFIDEL FEMINISM’ IN VICTORIAN FREETHOUGHT Laura Schwartz Harriet Law was one of a small but very active group of women in the British secular movement in the c19. She was an author, lecturer and editor, plus member of the Free-Thought League, the National Secular Society and the first Socialist International….

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Sat, 28th Dec, 2013
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