Ethical Record Issues

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE OIL RUNS OUT? Chris Rhodes Although the world supply of crude oil will continue for many decades, we will not be able to go on extracting it at the same rate as before. This reduction will have far-reaching consequences on our whole way of life, since…

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Thu, 28th Nov, 2013

WHEN IS CERTAINTY JUSTIFIABLE? Richard Baron A very concise and compact survey of views on (un)certainty expressed by Quine, Popper and Wittgenstein. Quine and Popper hold the extreme position that there is no proposition which we could never come to deny, even if we cannot currently deny it. But Wittgenstein’s…

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Mon, 28th Oct, 2013

THE 2013 JAMES HEMMING ESSAY PRIZE Daisy Jones Following Bertrand Russell, the author avers that knowledgeableness, courage and kindliness are vital for improving the world. To be operative, these qualities do not require a religious context i.e. religious faith, including belief in a divine plan, and moral doctrinairism. The exercise…

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Sat, 28th Sep, 2013

ARE WOMEN HUMAN ENOUGH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS? Naomi McAuliffe Many people still see women’s rights as less important than human rights in general, which focus on civil and political considerations. But women’s rights, which are economic, social and cultural, and which should include the right to abortion, are of equal…

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Wed, 28th Aug, 2013

WHEN RELIGIONS FALL APART – THE FRAGMENTATION OF A SECT David V Barrett Focussing on the history of the American Christian sect called the Worldwide Church of God, this talk examines the behaviour patterns of religious groups after the group’s founder has died. It is argued that such examination should be…

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Sun, 28th Jul, 2013

THE MYTH OF SECULARITY: NONRELIGIOUS CULTURE IN CONTEMPORARY BRITAIN Lois Lee Recent research has shown that many people in Britain are atheists but identify themselves not as this but as nonreligious. Further, their self-declared nonreligious status is psychologically important to them, and not a matter of indifference. Abstract by Tom Rubens.  NEW…

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Thu, 27th Jun, 2013

COLLAPSING PYRAMIDS : MONEY, AUSTERITY AND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS Ken MacIntyre The financial crisis is due to the uncontrolled creation of credit and money by private banks. Today, 97% of money is credit created electronically by banks. Absence of control over banks has produced extreme economic instability over the last 40…

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Mon, 27th May, 2013

INTERCULTURALISM Ted Cantle The traditional multiculturalist outlook, with its commitment to identity politics, is no longer adequate to the changing social reality, one in which individuals and groups are relating to each other in new ways. Hence it needs to be replaced by an interculturalist outlook, which is much more…

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Sat, 27th Apr, 2013

INVISIBLE ENGLAND: HOLDING THERAPY IN THE UK Anya Chaika Holding Therapy is a dangerous and unscientific treatment applied to psychologically disturbed children in order to achieve compliance. It was first developed in the USA, but–as has recently come to light–it has also been practiced in the UK, and under the…

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Wed, 27th Mar, 2013

PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE: ARE SCREENING TESTS ABOUT SCIENCE OR POLITICS? Margaret McCartney People need to be made aware that screening tests involve health risks as well as benefits, and this awareness can only be increased by more honesty on the part of the medical profession. Abstract by Tom Rubens.  COMPASSION IN DYING AND…

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Sun, 27th Jan, 2013
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