Ethical Record Issues

INVISIBLE ENGLAND: HOLDING THERAPY IN THE UK Anya Chaika Holding Therapy is a dangerous and unscientific treatment applied to psychologically disturbed children in order to achieve compliance. It was first developed in the USA, but–as has recently come to light–it has also been practiced in the UK, and under the…

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Wed, 27th Mar, 2013

PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE: ARE SCREENING TESTS ABOUT SCIENCE OR POLITICS? Margaret McCartney People need to be made aware that screening tests involve health risks as well as benefits, and this awareness can only be increased by more honesty on the part of the medical profession. Abstract by Tom Rubens.  COMPASSION IN DYING AND…

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Sun, 27th Jan, 2013

THE FUTURE AND HOW TO WIN IT: EIGHT PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESSFUL OPTIMISTS Mark Stevenson The eight principles are bound up with the radical project of making biology and matter programmable, in order to make future evolution self-directing. This project is not de-humanising; rather, it expresses what is essentially human in us–our…

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Mon, 24th Dec, 2012

THE SIMULTANEOUS POLICY (SIMPOL): John Bunzl Given the dominance and competitive character of the global economic system, politicians in individual countries are currently powerless to implement policies aimed at producing global co-operation. Such policies would only be possible if all countries were in favour of co-operation. The way to achieve…

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Sat, 24th Nov, 2012

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE IN CENTRAL AMERICA Mike Phipps A highly detailed account of the repressive character of many governments in Central America, a region described as “the most violent on the planet.” Emphasis is placed on the role of successive U.S. governments in training, funding and arming these repressive forces. The…

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Wed, 24th Oct, 2012

THE COMMON INTEREST: THEN AND NOW Bernard Burgoyne Focussing on the inter-related work of J.S. Mill, Freud and Grote, the author argues that beneficial social change and scientific progress arise from the challenging of existing opinion, and a subsequent shift in outlook. The process of challenging is called negative dialectics,…

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Fri, 24th Aug, 2012

‘THE UNHOLY MRS KNIGHT’AT THE BBC: SECULAR HUMANISM AND THE THREAT TO THE ‘CHRISTIAN NATION’, c.1945-1960 Callum Brown Margaret Knight’s BBC radio broadcasts, given in 1955 and entitled ‘Morality Without Religion’, were a catalyst in the process by which Christian culture lost the dominance which it had, at an official level, previously…

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Sun, 22nd Jul, 2012

RAWLS’ CONTRACTUALISM v. BENTHAM’S UTILITARIANISM Sam Fremantle John Rawls’s 1971 book “A Theory of Justice” is widely regarded as having undermined the traditional predominance of utilitarianism in discourse on political justice. But this view is mistaken. Rawls’s doctrine of contractualism argues that a just society rests, not on benevolence or…

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Fri, 22nd Jun, 2012

THE MYTHS OF CHRISTIAN EUROPE Kenan Malik An argument of strong scholarly and historical character, that the origins and underpinnings of Western culture are manifold: owing a good deal to Greek and Judaic thought, and indebted to Muslim culture in a number of ways. As regards the modern values of…

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Tue, 22nd May, 2012

THE INFLUENCE OF QUAKER PERSECUTION ON PAINE Sybil Oldfield Partly from his father, who was a Quaker, Paine was deeply influenced by the historical tradition of Quaker protest against social injustice, corruption, poverty and class-dominance. As a result, he opposed slavery, supported both the American and French Revolutions, and advocated,…

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Sat, 21st Apr, 2012
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