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NEW ADDITIONS TO THE HUMANIST LIBRARY Cathy Broad MORAL THEORY FOR NATURALISTS Catherine Wilson Moral practices are viewed from a naturalistic and evolutionary perspective, which includes looking at the sub-human as well as the human. Generally, growth in moral outlook is growth in concern for, and empathy with, other people:…

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Wed, 21st Mar, 2012

A MODERN DAY CREATION STORY John Rawles This presents a materialistic view of the universe and its origins. ‘Matter’ is described as something active and dynamic; and, when in system-form, capable of producing emergent properties, such as (in animal brains) consciousness. ‘Life’ is defined as a state of matter: when…

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Tue, 21st Feb, 2012

‘THE POET OF NATURE’: GEORGE SANTAYANA ON LUCRETIUS AS A PHILOSOPHICAL POET Timothy J. Madigan Santayana, chiefly in his book ‘Three Philosophical Poets,’ hailed Lucretius as the poetic spokesman for the naturalistic/materialistic viewpoint to which he himself subscribed. Lucretius located human beings firmly within a naturalistic framework, and achieved the rare…

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Sat, 21st Jan, 2012

SOUL DUST: THE MAGIC OF CONSCIOUSNESS Nicholas Humphrey The word ‘soul’ remains an appropriate one to describe the sense of mystery which comes from contemplating our uniqueness as individuals, and the complexity of our inner mental experience. Abstract by Tom Rubens.  A CRITIQUE OF SOUL DUST Ian Buxton VIEWPOINTS T. Rubens,…

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Wed, 21st Dec, 2011

THE JOY OF AN ETHICAL SOCIETY Jim Walsh A richly detailed account of Dr. Walsh‘s sense of attachment to SPES, conveying his involvement with ethics at a philosophical level, plus his plans to raise the public profile of the Society, and set policies in place which will have an enduring effect. Abstract…

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Mon, 21st Nov, 2011

THE JAMES HEMMING PRIZE ESSAY 2011 1st Prize Katherine Hawkes A spirited defence of Protagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, who argued that man is the measure of all things. Basing her position on the view that to exist is to be perceived, the author contends that things can be said…

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Fri, 21st Oct, 2011

ASPECTS OF ATHEISTIC DETERMINISM Tom Rubens A highly concentrated discourse on the many implications of the view that all human behaviour is caused, and that this causation is neither instigated nor guided by any deity. Stress is placed on the point that continuous causation means that any single instance ofbehaviour is pre-settled, but…

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Wed, 21st Sep, 2011

Theatre review: EMPEROR AND GALILEAN Tom Rubens This is a review of Ibsen’s play of the above name. Commentary focuses on the play’s intellectual and philosophical content: its exploration of pagan-classical moral values and those of Christianity. In this regard, a comparison is made between Ibsen and Nietzsche. But comments are…

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Thu, 21st Jul, 2011

ANGLO-FRENCH FREETHOUGHT CONFERENCE Catherine Le Fur In the context of the current attempts to re-build the international free-thought movement, the writer presents a richly informative history of free thought in the West, from the 17th century onwards. The focus is on the struggle by free-thinkers to secure the separation of…

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Tue, 21st Jun, 2011

ASSISTED DYING Michael Irwin The subject is specifically ‘Doctor-Assisted Dying’. There are four types of this: 1)the withdrawing of medical treatment 2) increasing a pain-killing dosage to the point where it ends life 3) doctor-assisted suicide 4) injection of a lethal drug. In one form or another, assisted dying occurs…

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Sat, 21st May, 2011
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