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Conway Hall is owned and operated by Conway Hall Ethical Society, a membership organisation and educational charity with a history spanning two centuries.

Discover the history of Conway Hall, from its beginnings as a dissident congregation in 1787 in rebellion against the doctrine of eternal hell.

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Concerts, Journal and Famous Names

The year 1887 saw the birth of the South Place Sunday Concerts of chamber music – at a time when it was very daring to hold any kind of secular entertainment on Sundays.

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William Johnson Fox M.P.

Browse our galleries, which feature images of the people that played pivotal roles in the formation of Conway Hall Ethical Society.

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The Ethical Society had an established tradition of performing secular funerals, memorial ceremonies, and namings of children at South Place Ethical Institute in the 1890s and at Conway Hall since 1935.

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Today, the Society is an educational charity whose Object is the advancement of study, research and education in humanist ethical principles.

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