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Business – the search for an ethical compass

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Lecture date: Sun, 27th Sep, 2015
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In this fascinating event Andrew Leigh will take a hard but informed look at the relationship between business and ethics. He will consider what ethics in business actually means, and ask the question what are the realistic prospects of changing the culture under which businesses operate? He will discuss why ethical behaviour is highly advantageous in the business world and the explain the nature and relevance of the “social licence”. A route by which companies can climb and remain at the top of the ethical ladder will be presented.

Andrew Leigh is an acknowledged expert in personal and corporate development for over two decades. His book Ethical Leadership: creating and sustaining an ethical business culture (Kogan Page 2013) was very well received.






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Andrew Leigh is a joint founder of Maynard Leigh Associates whose mission is Inspire Greater Impact. The company pioneered the use of ideas from theatre in business and is now in its 26th year of trading, with many global and international clients, Copying is the sincerest form of flattery—and others…