New Economics as if People Mattered

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Lecture date: Sun, 14th Feb, 2016
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We need to shift from three to One Planet Living across the UK, in a way that is inclusive and creates sustainable prosperity for all. But what will this look like and how can we achieve it? Must we divest just from fossil fuel reserves that we can’t afford to burn or from the much wider linear ‘extractive’ economy that this supports? What does that mean for the UK’s wider economic strategy – and,critically, can we be better off without getting bigger?

In a tantalising talk Jonathan Essex will describe such a ‘circular economy’- with recycling at its core? How will it affect our relationship not just with our environment, but with each other, and with the rest of the world?



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Jonathan Essex was elected Borough Councillor for Redhill East in 2010 and as Surrey’s first Green County Councillor in 2013 and is a member of the Green House Think Tank. Jonathan is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist who worked first in construction and more recently focusing on sustainability issues. Following work…