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Obituary: Dr Peter Draper 1933–2016

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Dr Peter Draper died peacefully at home in the way he had planned. He was a founder member and early chair of the British Humanist Association – referred to on their website in their History section. He had been a member of the South Place Ethical Society for many years and was an enthusiastic member of many organisations, including Dignity in Dying, the Socialist Health Association, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the New Economics Foundation. Peter had written a Viewpoint warmly approving the Ethical Record (see May 2016, page 19) just a few weeks before his death. An evening lecture celebrating the ongoing relevance of his work, based on his book Health Through Public Policy, will take place at Conway Hall on 10 May 2017, organised by the UK Faculty of Public Health. His tribute website is http://peter.draper.muchloved.com. It has a link to his Guardian obituary.

Norman Bacrac


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