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Obituary: Terry Mullins 1931–2016

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I am very sorry to report the sudden death of Terry Mullins on 11 October 2016 from necrotising fasciitis. He was 85 years old. There is to be a memorial meeting for Terry in our main Conway Hall on the morning of Sunday, 27 November 2016, when Terry’s many interests and causes will be represented. A long-standing member of the Ethical Society, Terry served as a keen Trustee for many years. He was a regular attender at our Sunday morning meetings and our Sunday evening concerts, even after succumbing to severe mobility problems in the past few years caused by a rare neurological condition similar to Parkinsons.

We will particularly remember him for his humour and clever witticisms that caused most of the laughter during audience participation. There will be fewer laughs without Terry.

Barbara Smoker

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