The Panama Papers, the Global Elite, and the Democratic Deficit

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Lecture date: Sun, 22nd May, 2016
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The Panama Papers have revealed the corruption and greed of the global elite. They have also underlined the hollowing out of democracy. We now inhabit a world in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in human history. The hoovering of wealth to the top has accelerated since the 2008 Crash. This is happening as benefits are cut, wages stagnate, and public services are sold off to profiteers; and as war tears apart one society after another, and climate change threatens environmental catastrophe. We face a compound crisis of the global capitalist system: an existential crisis for humanity and the planet. Yet democracy has been comprehensively hollowed out by identikit corporate politics. Worldwide democratic revolution – to end the rule of finance-capital, to dismantle the debt economy, and to dispossess the 1% – has become an historical imperative.

Neil Faulkner, an authoritative and high profile thinker will provide a unique assessment of these issues, which so profoundly threaten harmony and stability in the 21st century.


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Dr Neil Faulkner FSA is an archaeologist, historian, writer, lecturer, and broadcaster. He is Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, Editor of Military History Monthly, and co-Director of the Great Arab Revolt Project and the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project. His books include Rome: empire of the eagles, A Marxist History…