Puzzling the Body Phenomena

Puzzling Body Phenomena

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Lecture date: Sun, 15th Mar, 2015
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As the title suggests, this talk is concerned with the living body experience in connection with the philosophical problem of mind and body within the existential and phenomenological framework. The focus will be on three different perspectives: how I perceive my body, my relationship to the body of the other and the perception of the dead body of the other which is relevant to discuss here as it provides a contrast to the living body experience. 

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Filiz Peach

Filiz Peach is an independent philosopher and a philosophy lecturer.  She teaches various aspects of philosophy, in particular Philosophy of Mind and Existential Philosophy, in adult education. She obtained a philosophy degree in 1985 and a PhD in 2004 at the City University, London.  Her doctoral work is on Karl Jaspers’…