Sartre and the Anguish of Freedom

Sartre and the Anguish of Freedom

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Lecture date: Sun, 1st Mar, 2015
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Sartre proclaimed how free we are – able to choose what to do, be and feel. But this freedom is not a liberation but a life-sentence – with hard labour. If we are to follow Sartre’s exacting strictures on avoiding bad faith, then we will always be scrupulously monitoring ourselves for authenticity, and it will be virtually impossible to be sincere – about our emotions, our sexuality, our love.


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Jane O'Grady

Jane O’Grady co-edited Blackwell’s Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations with A. J. Ayer, and writes philosophers’ obituaries for the Guardian, and reviews and articles for various papers and journals. She was a Visiting Lecturer at City University for twelve years, and is one of the seven founders of the London School of…