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I voted for the UK to remain in the EU because I thought this would be better for all parties involved, both the UK and the EU. That being said, I agree with David Cameron’s refrain throughout the referendum campaign that the UK can indeed survive and eventually thrive outside…

The Bank of England has shelled out £375 billion in ‘quantitative easing’ since the 2008 crash. It has, quite literally, created electronic money out of nowhere and used it to buy up financial assets held by the banks. The idea has been to pump ‘liquidity’ – lendable money – into…

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Tue, 23rd Aug, 2016
Utopia Paradise Next Exit

At a time when Britain has never looked so divided after the vote to Brexit, we have to seriously consider the question ‘Is our system of governance fit for purpose in the 21st century?’ How is it that so many people have such a lack of faith in their own…

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Tue, 23rd Aug, 2016

The result of the referendum is a victory for “Project Hope” over “Project Fear.” The voters of the UK must be congratulated for their bravery and for voting to win back Britain’s political independence and national democracy in face of the anti-democratic entity that is the European Union. While the…

climate change

Global anthropogenic CO2 emissions continue their inexorable rise. The science shows that there is the increasing likelihood that the world is heading towards an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe. Yet despite the multitude of research papers, articles, meetings, and political activity dissipated in the last two decades, we seem to be…

Whenever there is technological change, there is always political disruption. We’re currently living through one of the most profound technological revolutions in human history – so can we really expect our politics to remain unchanged? Technology and politics writer James O’Malley presents a provocative and sometimes shocking prognosis for democracy….

Map of Scandinavian Countries. Detail from the World Atlas (Rand Mc. Nally).

‘Evil begins when YOU begin treating other people as things’. Terry Pratchett What is sex? What does it mean to enter a sexual encounter with another person? I say it is it an intimate, comfortable, reciprocal, safe, pleasurable meeting of bodies with the goal of enjoyment, and not premised on…


Many of us still have to make up our mind on the EU Referendum. Rather than the vital facts we generally have heard exaggerated claims and biased conjecture, making it virtually impossible for the average person to take a well-informed view. Indeed, is it so complex a matter that all…

The Panama Papers have revealed the corruption and greed of the global elite. They have also underlined the hollowing out of democracy. We now inhabit a world in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in human history. The hoovering of wealth to the top has accelerated since the…

Readers of the Ethical Record might remember from 1993 the intemperate rant against humanism by John Carroll. In Humanism: The Wreck of Western Culture, Carroll insisted that humanism is dead while also declaring it to be a major threat to western civilisation. Though hardly a coherent or measured criticism, Carroll’s…

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Wed, 20th Apr, 2016
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