Moral Philosophy & Ethics

Universal Basic Income

Interest in universal basic income, that is to say a payment to every individual regardless of work or means, has resurged in the last two to three years. It is an old idea, originally connected to the enclosures and the loss of common land people used for subsistence. It has…

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Thu, 17th Mar, 2016
Professional Ethics

The origins of this talk lie in a presentation entitled The Future of Conway Hall Ethical Society – Direction or Drift? to the Ethical Society on 15 March 2015 (subsequently printed in the April 2015 edition of the Ethical Record), in which two principal questions were raised:- What is meant…

Index on Censorship, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, freeDimensional, PEN America, FreeWord, Reporters Without Borders, English PEN and Conway Hall Ethical Society call on all those who believe in the fundamental right to freedom of expression to join in publishing the cartoons or covers of Charlie Hebdo on January…

Coinciding with Black History Month in this talk Sean will discuss the current issues of racism and its deep roots in the enslavement of African peoples and British imperialism. He will review how the history of Black Britain and anti-racist solidarity can be a useful tool for today’s anti-racists in…

Firstly, what exactly is classic liberal individualism? I will begin by answering this question, placing the points in historical context. I will then identify what I regard as the defining features of the contemporary Western world. Finally, I will examine the place in that world which I think still remains…

Chris Bratcher My talk is a sampling of novelist Julian Barnes’ touching and very personal memoir of his experiences of death in the family, and the demise of the famous and obscure in literature and life, plus his own fears and ruminations on his own, entitled ‘Nothing to be Frightened of’,…

Over seven billion humans live on this planet. Theoretically speaking, there must be enough food and space for everyone. The reality, however, is very different. It has always been the case, it will always be the case, that never will all humans have exactly same belief system or value system. The dream of having…

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Fri, 6th Jun, 2014

The Freemen on the Land (FOTL) ideology is based on risible misinterpretations of legal concepts which are employed in the hope of giving the follower immunity from the law. Freemen beliefs change over time due to the conspicuous failure of their arguments in court, but the following ideas are typical….

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Tue, 3rd Jun, 2014
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