Philosophy of Science

A Dreadful Discovery: Big Data Proves Wallace and Darwin Counterfeit Discoverers

Lecture date: Sun, 27th Jul, 2014
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Few outside of expert circles in the history of scientific discovery know that – contrary to what is written in thousands of textbooks and scientific papers – neither Darwin nor Wallace were first to discover the theory of natural selection. Patrick Matthew is acknowledged by experts in the field as…

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A New Dawn in Secondary Education

Lecture date: Sun, 28th Sep, 2014
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Our present education system is a catastrophic failure, not fit for purpose and its ethos is deeply flawed. I will present a new and radical approach to secondary education, designed to be engaging and fulfilling and to enhance the student’s contribution and experience in society. The teacher’s role is redefined…

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Freeloaders on the Land

Lecture date: Sun, 2nd Feb, 2014
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The Freemen on the Land (FOTL) ideology is based on risible misinterpretations of legal concepts which are employed in the hope of giving the follower immunity from the law. Freemen beliefs change over time due to the conspicuous failure of their arguments in court, but the following ideas are typical….

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The Ethics of Neuromarketing

Lecture date: Sun, 6th Apr, 2014
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Over a six week period in the summer of 1957, some fifty thousand Americans apparently fell victims to mind control. When news broke, the public was outraged and the media hysterical. Yet the ‘experiment’ at the heart of this controversy never took place. During the summer of 1957, a cinema in Fort Lee,…

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Intelligently Designed: The Creationist Assault on Science

Lecture date: Sun, 16th Mar, 2014
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Before anything else, a plea for action. Please write to your MP in support of the BHA campaign to combat Creationism, including Creationism in publicly funded schools; details at In a sense, the rest of this article, like the talk it is based on, is an explanation of why,…

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