In common use ‘scepticism’ means a tendency to disbelieve or at least suspend belief in what you’re being told. But in philosophical circles it primarily means the tendency to disbelieve the evidence of the senses, or we might say, to not believe what we commonly take to be true…

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Wed, 26th Jul, 2017
unconditional hospitality

Unconditional hospitality is a central idea in contemporary ethical philosophy and it has important implications for psychology. Its political equivalent is the notion of open borders as a utopian critique of nationality and national identity. We can become good hosts by temporarily interrupting the self and our habitual concerns about ‘me’ and…


A talk on Santayana, is, I think, timely. For many years he’s suffered undeserved neglect in Britain; he doesn’t – as I believe he should – occupy a major   place on university   philosophy courses,   or in   the philosophy section of bookshops and libraries. The neglect is curious in view of…

Puzzling the Body Phenomena

As the title suggests, this talk is concerned with the living body experience in connection with the philosophical problem of mind and body within the existential and phenomenological framework. The focus will be on three different perspectives: how I perceive my body, my relationship to the body of the other…

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Mon, 30th Mar, 2015
Sartre and the Anguish of Freedom

Sartre proclaimed how free we are – able to choose what to do, be and feel. But this freedom is not a liberation but a life-sentence – with hard labour. If we are to follow Sartre’s exacting strictures on avoiding bad faith, then we will always be scrupulously monitoring ourselves…

Firstly, what exactly is classic liberal individualism? I will begin by answering this question, placing the points in historical context. I will then identify what I regard as the defining features of the contemporary Western world. Finally, I will examine the place in that world which I think still remains…

Our present education system is a catastrophic failure, not fit for purpose and its ethos is deeply flawed. I will present a new and radical approach to secondary education, designed to be engaging and fulfilling and to enhance the student’s contribution and experience in society. The teacher’s role is redefined…

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