The Politics of Unbelief

The English historian Norman Stone once noted that doctoral dissertations are about amassing ponderous armies of facts to pursue a war of attrition on behalf of some trivial insight. The Evolution of Atheism, which is the result of Stephen LeDrew’s doctoral work, is an example of this genre. For the…

End is Nigh

In recent years, more and more commentators have questioned what used to be a given: that modernization and industrialization would inevitably lead to the decline of religion. They point instead to a resurgence of religion and the emergence of so-called ‘post-secular societies’. At the same time, though, people are identifying…

Any issue about the ethical standing of a political party must involve two questions: 1) Does the party tell the truth? 2) More especially, does it tell the truth about the groups and interest it really represents? In the case of UKIP, the answer to both these questions is emphatically…

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Mon, 18th Aug, 2014

Jonathan Edwards, the former Olympic champion, who still holds the triple jump world record, recently confessed he does not believe in God any more. In 2010, he told Sky News: “I think I was probably quite narrow-minded and fundamentalist in my views and a bit of a scary person. I believed that what…

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