A New Dawn in Secondary Education

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Lecture date: Sun, 28th Sep, 2014
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Our present education system is a catastrophic failure, not fit for purpose and its ethos is deeply flawed.

I will present a new and radical approach to secondary education, designed to be engaging and fulfilling and to enhance the student’s contribution and experience in society. The teacher’s role is redefined and their interaction with the students is based on new principles. The school infrastructure, along with its embedded technology is key to remodeling the whole-school experience.

The “syllabus” and the way it is delivered and student assessments are subject to profound revision compared to what is done today, ultimately making them relevant to advancing our society.

These ideas go well beyond any previous proposals/concepts, and discussions on how they might be developed and taken forward are most welcome.

Chair – Tom Rubens

Doors 10.30, £3 in advance, £2 concs./Free to Ethical Society members.

History, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Thinking on Sunday

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Tom Rubens is a semi-retired teacher of English and Philosophy. He has worked as a university and college lecturer, and as a private tutor, and is still active in the latter field. Linked to his teaching work is his writing activity: he has produced eight books on philosophy (seven published so…