Who owns children? Social visibility and status near cradle and grave

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Lecture date: Sun, 16th Nov, 2014
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The most vulnerable groups in society – children and older people, have ill-defined social status, independently of their legal rights. Dr Ginn will explore with those attending how social visibility, status and respect at the ‘bookends of life’ dramatically vary across cultures and in history; and how the tension between safeguarding and liberty can best be managed. Does paternalism protect? The Rotherham Ruckus and the Care Home Crisis provide examples to consider.


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Jay Ginn

Dr Ginn is a Visiting Professor at King’s College London’s Institute of Gerontology, having retired in 2004. Her research has explored how pension entitlements are influenced by class, gender, ethnicity, marital and maternal status; and how pension systems of different countries deal with women’s disadvantages in the labour market. A…