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Conway Hall is open for “closed door” events and we are working to reopen for the public

Tuesday 20th October @ 9:00 am - Wednesday 21st October @ 3:30 pm
Tuesday 20th October @ 9:00 am - Wednesday 21st October @ 3:30 pm

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Following the instruction from the UK government, we have temporarily closed the doors of Conway Hall to safeguard our staff, volunteers, audiences and communities.

We are continuously monitoring official channels of communication, guidance and instruction. When we know more from these channels we will issue further updates, with a view to re-opening our doors as soon as it is safe to do so.

We deeply regret the disruption arising from this unprecedented event.


When are you going to open again?
• We are currently working on a phased return to being open once more. The first phase has enabled our staff team, in small numbers, to return to work. Following internal work in making the building Covid-19 secure, we have initiated the second phase which is to have “Closed Door Events” where performers can be filmed and broadcast online, subject to risk assessments. The third phase, “Socially-distanced and Hybrid Events”, following more internal work to ensure correct safeguarding for all, will be to allow audiences, communities and guests back into the building with strict social distancing measures in place.

Will it be safe to come to Conway Hall once it is open?
• Yes, we won’t allow our doors to be open unless we are convinced that we can ensure the safety of all our visitors and we have been independently audited by our Health & Safety advisors. Everyone will have a part to play, though, in maintaining a safe environment by following the guidance we shall issue online and physically within the building.

Will I have to wear a mask if I visit Conway Hall?
• As part of our risk assessments, which will be ongoing throughout the whole of the Corvid-19 epidemic, we will inform anyone visiting Conway Hall of our requirements.

Can I hold my event in October/November/December?
• From 1st August we proceeded to our second phase, “Closed Door Events”, with the third phase, “Socially-distanced and Hybrid Events”, arriving as soon as practicable and it is safe to do so.  

Can I have an event with just performers, but no audiences?
• Yes, you can! We have now entered our second phase, “Closed Door Events”.

What is a “Hybrid Event”?
• A “Hybrid Event” is where physical audiences can attend and online audiences can join and participate via livestreaming, using our new, state-of-the-art AV set-up.

When will you know more and be able to provide more information?
• We will update this information when we have more detail and useful facts.

When will you be able to do catering again?
• We are now able to offer deliveries from our catering partner for “Closed Door events”. We are working with our catering partner towards delivering a bespoke catering offer for “Socially-distanced and Hybrid Events” in the future.


Additionally, as you may know, Conway Hall Ethical Society is an independent charity and receives no government funding. This means that everything we do is dependent upon our commercial activity and the generosity of members and supporters like you.

Having taken the necessary steps to close Conway Hall we are facing a particular challenge in the coming weeks and months, and any donations will greatly help us during this difficult time.

In order to sustain Conway Hall as the place Where Ethics Matter and to support the continuation of our many events – including Thinking on Sunday, Ethical Matters, Sunday Concerts, courses, art exhibitions, poetry & literature events and collaborations with like-minded charities and community groups – you are welcome to make a donation:

• by adding an extra amount when purchasing tickets to our own events,
• via our direct donation page.


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