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We have a range of learning opportunities for adults, including courses, talks, tours and workshops.


London Thinks 18th June 2015 LOW RES (57)
Dr. Adam Rutherford and Brian Cox at London Thinks, June 2015.

Conway Hall and our partners programme a range of talks covering topics as diverse as science, ethics, politics, religion, feminism and many others, building on a strong foundation of original thinking and thought provocation:

London Thinks

Thinking on Sunday

Talks, debates and lectures

Courses & Events

Critical Thinking Class in Conway Hall Library.

We offer a range of courses and events curated by Conway Hall and our partners, from Philosophy and History courses inspired by our Library & Archive Collections to pre-concert talks and workshops suporting our Sunday Concerts programme.

Conway Hall adult education courses

Sunday Concerts programme

Partner courses e.g. London School of Philosophy


Volunteer Programme

NADFAS volunteers Claudine Gunter and Rhianon McGeoff undertaking book cleaning and repair in the library. © Ernst Schlogelhofer
NADFAS volunteers Claudine Gunter and Rhianon McGeoch undertaking book cleaning and repair in the library. Photo by Ernst Schlogelhofer

At Conway Hall we see volunteers as a vital asset in ensuring we can deliver a vibrant range of programmes, events and activities. Volunteering with Conway Hall provides an opportunity to learn and share skills, make friends with similar interests and feel the satisfaction of supporting culture and learning within the local community.

Current volunteering opportunities




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