Photographer in Residence

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learn with us

Since the start of 2017, Grace Gelder has been developing a series of photography related-events at Conway Hall inspired by the legacy and history of the building, as our Photographer in Residence.

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Collaborative Doctoral Award

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Jessica Beck

The Women Musicians at South Place Ethical Society, 1900 – 1920. As part of our commitment to our charitable object, the advancement of study, research and education in humanist ethical principles, we…

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Conway Actants

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A site responsive project at Conway Hall Conway Actants was a project that aimed to make Conway Hall accessible for artistic intervention and therefore ultimately aimed to increase awareness of…

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Alternatives to Religion

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A collaboration between Bishopsgate Institute and Conway Hall. Over an 18 month period the archival project, Alternatives to Religion, at Conway Hall and the Bishopsgate Institute has now been completed. Many treasures…

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Volunteers are an essential and respected part of the Library & Archives team, helping to organise and catalogue our book collections and assist in the day to day running of…

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Conway Collective

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The Conway Collective is Conway Hall’s group of resident performance makers, creating and curating work around the building, from live art and spoken word to dance spectaculars. Funded by Arts…

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Black and white photo of Conway Hall interior.

Our ambition at Conway Hall is to make our collections accessible to an audience beyond those researchers and members of the public able to visit our library in person. We…

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The Friends of Red Lion Square

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Conway Hall is a partner in the Bloomsbury Squared Programme, led by Camden Council, looking at new and innovative approaches in the use, operation and management of nine of the…

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Blackham Fellowship

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The Blackham Fellowships were named for Harold Blackham (1903-2009), appointed lecturer to the South Place Ethical Society (now Conway Hall Ethical Society), first executive director of the British Humanist Association,…

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South London Women Artists

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Finders Keepers Losers Weepers: Archaeology of mind and memory Finders Keepers Losers Weepers was an Arts Council funded residency initiated by South London Women Artists. The site specific residency was…

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