Artist in Residence – Sophia Kosmaoglou

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A co-operative art school? is a research project on co-operative education, alternative art education, radical pedagogy, self-organisation, networks and other dimensions of a co-operative learning environment. The project is supported by an Artquest Research Residency award at Conway Hall Humanist Library.

Higher education is in crisis. Ideologically driven neoliberal reforms, implemented gradually since the late 1980s and consolidated by the coalition government in 2010, have accelerated and deepened the crisis. Whereas more people than ever before enter into higher education, they are customers bearing the financial burden, education is linked to employment and “student experience” is a statistic. At the same time, as campaigns for state funded higher education continue, universities become more entrenched in the private model, while fulfilling policy objectives through research funding. The world is changing at an accelerated pace and the impasse in the debate between public and private higher education indicates that we need to rethink the role of education in society.

Alternative art schools address the crisis in art education by offering free or affordable art education, developing diverse curricula and models of organisation, collaborating with each other to form a network that intersects, opens communication channels, exchanges resources and organises gatherings.

Read more about this residency on the artists website.

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