Blackham Fellowship

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End Date: 31st December 2014
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Harold J. Blackham

The Blackham Fellowships were named for Harold Blackham (1903-2009), appointed lecturer to the South Place Ethical Society (now Conway Hall Ethical Society), first executive director of the British Humanist Association, co-founder and first Secretary of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and Honorary Associate and former director of the Rationalist Association. As a writer, educator and activist, he did more than any other individual in the twentieth century to promote the principles of Humanism.

The Fellowships were administered by Conway Hall Ethical Society, the British Humanist Association (BHA) and the Rationalist Association. The Fellowship consisted of a grant of £10,000 (later £5,000) for the purpose of transforming doctoral research in the fields of Philosophy, History, Religious Studies, Social Sciences or Literature, and on a subject related to the study of non-religious ethics, Humanism or rationalism in Britain into publishable form as a book.

Previous recipients include:

  • Blackham Fellow 2010 – David Taylor
  • Blackham Fellow 2011 – Lois Lee
  • Blackham Fellow 2014 – Amyas Merivale


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