Black and white photo of Conway Hall interior.


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Black and white photo of Conway Hall interior.
Conway Hall interior, ca. 1950s.

Our ambition at Conway Hall is to make our collections accessible to an audience beyond those researchers and members of the public able to visit our library in person. We have begun this process by making available every edition of our journal, The Ethical Record, dating back to 1895, and the archive is fully searchable on our website.
We have recently tested a new platform that allows us to better catalogue, curate and present our collections to the public, making them easily searchable and accessible. In 2015/6 we planned to digitise a range of materials: plans, deeds, illustrations, letters, souvenirs, and photos, for a project entitled Architecture and Place to was launched in September 2016 in time for the Open House London festival. This pilot project helped us develop a process for digitisation for our different genres of archival and print materials enabling us to grow our digital collections, whilst also protecting and conserving the more fragile parts of our historic archives.

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