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Thanks to £88,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Conway Hall is embarking on an eighteen month project to digitise and tell the story of our 19th century pamphlet collection.  

These insubstantial ephemera discuss such myriad ideas as secularism, freedom of the press, parliamentary reform, blasphemy laws, women’s rights, Irish home rule, political suffrage, birth control, socialism, animal rights, the Corn Laws and vegetarianism – to name but a few. Many of these issues remain highly relevant today. 

Pamphlets were cheap and easy to produce, meaning people could respond quickly to events, writing, printing and disseminating information to the general populace.  Where previously the political elite had been able to easily keep information from the masses, pamphlets opened access to ‘ordinary people’ enabling them to begin to criticise their political and religious masters and demand involvement in the decisions that affected their daily lives.

On this page you will find various resources to help you discover more about the pamphlets, the subjects they discussed and the people who wrote them.

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