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Jessica Beck

In this new series of blogs, PhD student Jessica Beck sheds some light on the musical past of Conway Hall

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The Humanist Library and Archives has commenced the process of digitising our collections in order to share them beyond the confines of our building. Our first digital collection is called Architecture and Place and explores the history of the buildings that have or do shelter our Society, the Conway Hall Ethical Society, and the spaces which we have called home.

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From the Archives allows us in the Humanist Library and Archives to share some of our wonderful items and our learning with you!

It also includes entries from the former A2R (Alternatives to Religion) blog, a collaborative project between Conway Hall and Bishopsgate Institute which sparked exploration of some of the ways people have tried to make sense of the world and live together ethically without the need for faith in a God or gods. The key themes linking this broad movement are Freethought, Ethics, Humanism, Rationalism and Secularism. Material for these entries came from the British Humanist Association, The National Secular Society and Conway Hall Ethical Society. Posts were written by archivists, Nicky Hilton and Carl Harrison.