Conway Memorial Lectures

Delivered at Conway Hall 15 January 1998. Chaired by Norman Bacrac and presented by Professor Sir Colin Blakemore.

Delivered at Conway Hall 14 November 1996. Chaired by Professor Gerald Vinten and presented by Dr. Bryan Wilson.

Delivered at Conway Hall 11 January 1995. Chaired by Nicolas Walter and presented by Dr. David Starkey.

View Equality or Diversity?

Wed, 11th Jan, 1995

Delivered at Conway Hall 8 December 1994. Chaired by Professor Robin Blackburn and presented by Professor Ted Honderich.

View Hierarchic Democracy

Thu, 8th Dec, 1994

Delivered at Conway Hall 29 January 1993. Chaired by Margaret Walters and presented by Professor Juliet Mitchell.

View Reconsidering Hysteria

Fri, 29th Jan, 1993

Delivered at Conway Hall 24 January 1992. Chaired by Dame Dr Anne McLaren and presented by Professor Sir Hermann Bondi.

Delivered at Conway Hall 20 September 1990. Chaired by Rev. Arthur Peacocke and presented by Dr. Alex Comfort.

Delivered at Conway Hall 26 April 1989. Chaired by Professor Mary Fulbrook and presented by Christopher Hill.

View History and the Present

Wed, 26th Apr, 1989

Delivered at Conway Hall 19 May 1988. Chaired by Professor Ted Honderich and presented by Professor Sir A. J. Ayer.

View The Meaning of Life

Thu, 19th May, 1988

Delivered at Conway Hall 21 May 1987. Chaired by Barbara Smoker and presented by Benny Green.

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