Conway Memorial Lectures

Delivered at Conway Hall 23 March 1941. Chaired by Professor G W Keeton and presented by Professor J. C. Flugel.

Delivered at Conway Hall 17 March 1940. Chaired by Ernest Thurtle, M P and presented by Lord Snell.

Delivered at Conway Hall 19 April 1939. Chaired by Professor Sir Herbert Read and presented by Marjorie Bowen.

View Ethics in Modern Art

Wed, 19th Apr, 1939

Delivered at Conway Hall 27 April 1938. Chaired by Lord Henry Snell and presented by Lord Thomas Horder.

View Obscurantism

Wed, 27th Apr, 1938

Delivered at Conway Hall 26 May 1937. Chaired by Dr G P Gooch and presented by Dr. Stanton Coit.

Delivered at Conway Hall 20 May 1936. Chaired by Sir Julian Huxley and presented by Professor Lancelot Hogben.

View The Retreat From Reason

Wed, 20th May, 1936

Delivered at Conway Hall 13 March 1935. Chaired by John Hobson and presented by Dr. G. P. Gooch M P.

Delivered at Conway Hall 25 April 1934. Chaired by Professor J. B. S. Haldane and presented by Professor Hyman Levy.

Delivered at Conway Hall 18 October 1933. Chaired by G. P. Gooch and presented by John A. Hobson.

View Rationalism and Humanism

Wed, 18th Oct, 1933

Delivered at Conway Hall 6 April 1932. Chaired by H. N. Brailsford and presented by Professor Harold Laski.

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