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Conway Hall Ethical Society has played an influential role in my life in the past few years. Following on from a paper I wrote for my Masters degree, I completed my dissertation on one of the Society’s historical members – Frederick James Gould. Having found this immensely rich and interesting history, I’ve continued on in the same vein with my PhD at Oxford Brookes on the history of the UK secular movement from 1880. Currently in my second year, I’m investigating the interaction of UK secularists from 1880-1930 within wider social and political movements of the time. To this end, I’ve been deeply indebted to our wonderful librarian!

Conway Hall Ethical Society has a fascinating history but it still has a great deal to offer today and in the future. The library and archives, as well as the hall itself are priceless in terms of the history and sense of community they bring to the secular and humanist movement.

I’m very excited to have put my tiny mark in the history of the Society. I’m also looking forward to working with our CEO Jim and the rest of the trustees this year to make our transition to a CIO, grow our membership and continue to put on a programme events that draw on the strength of our ethics, philosophy and rational worldview.

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