Bill Cooke

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Bill Cooke is the author several book on aspects of humanism, including A Wealth of Insights: Humanist Thought Since the Enlightenment (Prometheus, 2011) and The Blasphemy Depot (RPA/Prometheus 2003) the centenary history of the Rationalist Press Association. He was a major contributor to the New Encyclopaedia of Unbelief. He divides his time between teaching philosophy in Cheshire and working as the Director of Transnational Programs for the Center for Inquiry, based Buffalo, USA. He is a member of the Conway Hall Ethical Society.

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Readers of the Ethical Record might remember from 1993 the intemperate rant against humanism by John Carroll. In Humanism: The Wreck of Western Culture, Carroll insisted that humanism is dead while also declaring it to be a major threat to western civilisation. Though hardly a coherent or measured criticism, Carroll’s…