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As well as being the Chief Executive Officer of Conway Hall Ethical Society, Jim has continued thinking about ethical issues since completing his PhD in 2007. Most recently, his thoughts have taken shape in the form of a blog – An Ethical Thirst – that looks at philosophers such as Hans-Georg Gadamer and Emmanuel Levinas and seeks to provide illustration of their thoughts by drawing parallels from literature, art, music and film. By combining cultural references with philosophical ideas, Jim is hopeful that a new understanding of personal ethics might arise which is accessible to those with little previous knowledge of philosophy.

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Dr Moncure Conway bust

  In 1929, Conway Hall was unveiled with a niche in the foyer. This niche was designed to display a revered piece of artwork; a bronze bust of Dr Moncure Conway (1832 – 1907), celebrated writer, abolitionist and free thinker, for whom the building was named. However, in the building’s 80 plus year history…

There is a positive drought sweeping over us, which threatens to create a bleak, desolate and fearful existence. We are blindly falling into oblivion and with each passing day there appears to be no arrest to our descent. News item after news item generates shudders and terrors as we stare…