Nigel Sinnott

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Nigel Sinnott has been active in the freethought movement since 1963. He is a member of Conway Hall Ethical Society, the NSS and Humanist Society of Victoria, has been editor of The Freethinker and is a consulting editor of the Australian Humanist. He indexed (1970–71) Conway’s bound tract collection at Conway Hall and was briefly (1970) Lettings Secretary. He has lived in Victoria, Australia, since 1976, and is interested in Anglo-Australian freethought history. He runs a freethought press extracts e-mail service.

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In 1882 Robert J. Jeffray and Henry Gyles Turner invited Moncure Conway to lecture in Australia. I know only that Jeffray had been a gold miner, but Turner (1831–1920) was a prominent Melbourne citizen and a leading member of the Melbourne Unitarian Church. Moncure discussed the invitation with his wife…