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Patricia McKenna

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Patricia McKenna is currently a Barrister-at-Law candidate at The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, Dublin. She is a Bachelor of Law & Political Science (LL.B.) from Trinity College Dublin.
She was a Member of the European Parliament for 10 years and is a former Vice-President of the Green Group in the European Parliament.
She was a member of the Irish Green Party and one of its most prominent figures for many years but resigned during the party’s term in government in 2009. She disapproved of the party’s support for the EU Lisbon Treaty and of its decision to back the holding of a second referendum after the people had already voted to reject this treaty. She was also critical of the party’s support for the bank bailouts following the country’s economic crisis and believes that the main purpose of these bailouts was to save the Euro.
In the 1990s she made legal and political history in Ireland when she successfully challenged the Irish Government’s use of public funds to influence the peoples vote in a referendum. This famous Court ruling established what has become know as the ‘McKenna Principles’ and prohibits an Irish government’s use of public monies to support one side in a referendum campaign.
She has been a consistent and vocal critic of what she describes as “the undemocratic nature of the EU” for many years and has been a leading campaigner in EU referendum campaigns in Ireland since the late 1980s.

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