Phil Cheatle

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Phil Cheatle spent 30 years as a research scientist in digital photography at Hewlett Packard before taking early retirement. His involvement in the right-to-die campaign was triggered when his mother, who suffered from early stage dementia and other conditions, asked Phil to help her die. He formed the Dignity in Dying (DiD) support group in Bristol and Bath in 2013. Frustrated by DiDs refusal to discuss how to help people like his mother, he joined the Society for Old Age Rational Suicide. He became its Coordinator in 2015 and opened a discussion with its membership which resulted in the name change to ‘My Death, My Decision’.

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In her early 90s my mother suffered from the early stages of dementia, and several other problems which gave her severe pain which could not be adequately treated. On several occasions, she asked me to help her to die. I sympathised with her condition. It seemed a rational request –…