Professor Dennis Hayes

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Dennis Hayes is Professor of Education at the University of Derby where he is chair of the College of Education Research Committee and the programme leader for PhDs in education. He is a founder of the campaign group Academics For Academic Freedom (AFAF) which is now a membership organisation with a members’ blog. He is the co-author of The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education (2008), which predicated the coming of the ‘therapeutic university’.

He has just edited Beyond McDonaldization: visions of higher education which will be published by Routledge in early 2017.

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Jeremiads abound on the ‘end’ or the ‘death’ of modern universities. There are claims that they are been severely compromised by ‘neoliberalism’ and social changes and left behind by technological advances. An increasing number of writers believe the university has been transformed turned into ‘safe spaces’, an extended school environment,…