Takis Tridimas

Takis Tridimas

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Takis Tridimas is Professor of European Law at the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London and Director of the Centre of European Law. He is a barrister practicing at Matrix Chambers and has been involved in leading cases in the European Court of Justice, the UK Supreme Court, and the European Court of Human Rights. He is also the Nancy A. Patterson Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor at Pennsylvania State University. He has acted as advisor to many public and private organizations, and chaired the Committee responsible for drafting the Treaty of Accession of 2003 by which central and eastern European states joined the EU.

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In Jean Giraudoux’s play La guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu, translated in English as Tiger at the Gates, one might recognize the affinities of the protagonists with the two sides of the campaign leading to the Brexit referendum. Acquiescence, bellicose rhetoric, false optimism, and incongruous reasoning define the juxtaposition…


Many of us still have to make up our mind on the EU Referendum. Rather than the vital facts we generally have heard exaggerated claims and biased conjecture, making it virtually impossible for the average person to take a well-informed view. Indeed, is it so complex a matter that all…