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Exterior by Andrew West
Exterior by Andrew West

The Sunday Concerts at Conway Hall trace their history back to 1878 when the Peoples Concert Society was formed for the purpose of “increasing the popularity of good music by means of cheap concerts”. Many of these concerts were held at the South Place Institute, in the City but in 1887 the Peoples Concert Society had to cut short their season through lack of funds. It was then that the South Place Ethical Society acquired them (using the name ‘South Place Sunday Concerts’) and continued to run them.

In 1929 the South Place Ethical Society had Conway Hall, in Holborn, purpose built for them and with the exception of the war years, the concerts seasons have continued ever since.

For more information on the history of the Sunday Concerts and also Frank Hawkins role as Treasurer, please see the Music Section in the Library.

The current patrons of the Sunday Concert programme are Stephen Hough, Prunella Scales, Hiro Takenouchi, Petroc Trelawny and Timothy West.

Sunday Concerts

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