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In our society, many of us hold a common view about what Oxbridge is, but are not so clear about what Oxbridge does. For example, how come that this institution is also a multi-billion pound industry? How significant are its links with the Church? Speaker Leon Harrison will deconstruct Oxbridge.

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In 1968, Fight for Education was published in reaction to the prospective abolition of grammar schools, the onset of new universities and continuous assessment in place of exams. Chris Bratcher and Chris Ormell will revisit this pivotal period in education to remind us, or reveal to a new generation, the extent of these opinions and concerns. Did these changes in education cause a collapse in the transmission of culture, or did they lead to the “better” education that is on offer today?

Finally, do these considerations help inform us as to how we might develop education going forward?

Bertrand Russell letter

In 1966 the National Secular Society celebrated 100 years of campaigning for the separation of religion and state. In the run-up to the anniversary they received numerous warm, funny and thought-provoking letters of support from the most influential figures of the day.

Letter written by Bertrand Russell

The National Secular Society has a long history of campaigning for secular education in the UK.

MP Micheal Foot

As a campaigning organisation, the National Secular Society has a strong tradition of tackling difficult questions and challenging the existing state of affairs.

Senor Ferrer: secularist, anarchist and freethinker

Conway Hall Ethical Society (formerly South Place Ethical Society) has a long history of promoting liberty, ethics and justice, as well as supporting social, political and secular campaigners. In 1909 the Society publicly demonstrated its support for Senor Francisco Ferrer, a Spanish anarchist who used his fortune to promote secular education and campaign for political freedom.

The Moral Religious Thinkers Conferences

Following the Moral Religious Thinkers Conferences in the 1920s, the link between education and religion continued to feature prominently in the Ethical Movement.

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