The minute books created by the predecessors of CHES

Here are just few of the minute books created by the predecessors of CHES. The minutes start in 1807 and trace the evolution of the ethical movement from a congregation of Unitarians and Presbyterians to the humanist membership of the Society today.

The Student Humanist Federation

The Student Humanist Federation (formerly the University Humanist Federation) brought a strong youth presence to the British Humanist Association in the 1960s.

James Hemming, President 1977-1980

In 2013 Jim Al-Khalili, theoretical physicist, broadcaster and author, was announced as the new President of the British Humanist Association. Al-Khalili joins the list of distinguished former Presidents including Julian Huxley, Alfred Jules Ayer, Edmund Leach, George Melly, Harold Blackham, James Hemming, Hermann Bondi, Clare Rayner, Linda Smith and Polly Toynbee.

The records of the Ethical Union and British Humanist Association

As well as the records of the Ethical Union and British Humanist Association, the archive (held by Bishopsgate Institute) also contains material of affiliated humanist groups.

Going to pot in 1968?

As well as challenging the role of religion in society, the student branch of the British Humanist Association turned their attention to other contemporary issues concerning their members…

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Wed, 11th Sep, 2013
trial leaflet

This trial leaflet from the BHA’s archive demonstrates the continuity of the Association’s message.

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Wed, 7th Aug, 2013
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