Positive Disruption

Join an expert panel of Knowledge Quarter Partners to discuss and debate the societal impact of disruption across science, medicine, arts, culture and technology. This debate will explore the challenges and opportunities of disruption and the positive impact it can have on our everyday lives.

Hierarchy and the Political Economy

Inequality, oppression, corruption, war and the destruction of nature are products of the Political Economy shaped to benefit the Structural Elite, and rooted in the hierarchical structure of society.

In this presentation, Clive Menzies will present a penetrating analysis of this interpretation of the undoubted present woes in today’s society and will argue from an apolitical standpoint that salvation lies in the dissolution of hierarchy. The challenge is how?

Bankers are a force for good

DEBATE: Jonathan Parker v Paul Carroll.

This is a hot topic and Jonathan Parker will argue that today’s large banks are a force for good, without them our quality of life would be dramatically diminished. Excessive bonuses are a bone of public contention but these are not a fault of the individual banker but of the embedded culture inherent to the capitalist system, to which mankind owes a huge debt. The motion will be opposed by Paul Carroll.

General Elections: Manufacturing Consent

In this talk, Graham Bell will look at the schema that Walter Lippmann developed in the 1920s for conducting national elections and his justification of it. To what extent do his prescriptions reflect current General Elections in the UK?

Stewart Lansley

Poverty in Britain is at post-war highs and – even with economic growth – is set to increase yet further. Food bank queues are growing, levels of severe deprivation have been rising, and increasing numbers of children are left with their most basic needs unmet.

In this talk, journalist Stewart Lansley will take us through the critical factors that have lead us to this parlous state, with following discussions on possible resolutions.


Our society produces unprecedented amounts of data today. Some of these data will be used in the health domain. Also the creation of genetic data has become much faster, and much less expensive; the result is that people can get their genome (all their DNA) analysed by private companies, and sometimes even in the clinic.

Although experts disagree about whether or not this is a positive development, virtually everybody agrees that we are far away from understanding what our genome data mean. Contrary to the expectation of some people, knowing our genome does not tell us what we will die of, or how long we will live.

The Grecian Club

Hidden within the archives of the National Secular Society were the minute books and attendance records for a small but influential society called The Grecian Club.

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Thu, 3rd Jul, 2014
The members of Conway Hall Ethical Society have a long history of supporting other groups who share some of the ethical or social principles of the Society

The members of Conway Hall Ethical Society have a long history of supporting other groups who share some of the ethical or social principles of the Society. This was especially so under the Chairmanship of Peter Cadogan, (1971-1980). During this time the Society created links with a range of campaign and social groups from nuclear disarmament to child poverty.

Architecture lecture - poster

Conway Hall Ethical Society has been hosting and arranging courses of lectures since the late nineteenth century. Here are come early examples of lecture series on offer between 1890 and 1900.

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Fri, 14th Feb, 2014
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