On the 13th of July we ran a zine-making workshop as part of the Heritage Lottery funded project, Victorian Blogging, taking our collection of nineteenth-century activist pamphlets as inspiration to create contemporary zines. Participants in the workshop have kindly allowed us to share their work. Our collection of over 1300…

Conway Hall’s library and archive collections bring together the words of many progressive individuals, but the phrase ‘a man ahead of his time’ has never been more fitting than when used to describe Edward Carpenter. The poet, writer and socialist promoted gay rights at a time when homosexuality was a…

The 8th May 2018 marks ten years since the blasphemy laws were abolished in England and Wales through the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act, following hundreds of years of campaigning. The offence of blasphemy has its roots in late medieval canon law, which allowed ‘heretics’ to be imprisoned and burnt to death under…

Having begun working at Conway Hall as Digitisation Coordinator for the Victorian Blogging digitisation project at the end of last year, I am already experiencing the full array of goings on here and enjoying the early stages of the project. My interest in this project stems from my background in studying both…

Spring-heeled-Jack Karl Bell Fortean

One of London’s greatest monsters, Spring-heeled Jack has held the city’s imagination in his claws since he first appeared as “a ghost, a bear, and a devil” right up to contemporary comics and internet radio dramas featuring the leaping horror of legend. This talk explores Spring-heeled Jack’s appearances in and relationship to Victorian London. It considers his origins in the capital, and the way the metropolitan press gave life to a strange urban legend that went on to terrorise the rest of the country.

The South Place Chapel - poster

The South Place Chapel and Institute Soiree Committee produced some wonderfully playful programmes for their events.

Sunday lectures

Conway Hall Ethical Society has been providing an alternative to Sunday services – the Sunday Lectures, since the congregation of South Place Chapel moved away from religion in the nineteenth century.

Late Victorian advertisements for events held by South Place Ethical Society

Late Victorian advertisements for events held by South Place Ethical Society, South Place Chapel, (1894-1903). Including rambles, bazaars and book sales.

Late Victorian advertisement for children’s parties

Late Victorian advertisements for children’s parties organised by the Soiree Committee of South Place Ethical Society, (1896-1900). The parties involved performance, dance and games.

Children’s Ethical Sunday Services at South Place

Children’s Ethical Sunday Services at South Place.

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