Neighbourhood Guilds

Neighbourhood Guilds: collective action for social reform

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When not experimenting with new camera technology in France, Dr Stanton Coit was a dedicated social reformer. In New York and London, Coit pioneered the creation of Neighbourhood Guilds. The purpose of the guilds was to encouraging individuals living in poverty, regardless of age or religion, to work collectively towards improved conditions for their community. Using the system of Neighbourhood Guilds, Coit hoped to organise the working class into a network of guilds, from which the members could collectively agitate for reform.


The activities organised by the Neighbourhood Guilds focused on domestic, educational and recreational classes to help residents obtain the social ideals of late Victorian society.


These newspaper articles are part of a scrapbook about Doctor Coit and his work. Unfortunately the creator did not record the name of the newspaper or the date of publication.

Bishopsgate Institute Reference: BHA/1/14/1


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