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Nineteenth-century marriages at the Ethical Society

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Nineteenth century marriages at the Ethical Society

The earliest surviving record of a marriage at South Place is that of William Cockburn of Stockwell, and Frances Margaret Crowden of Upper Clapton. The ceremony took place in the old chapel on 10 December 1880.

The occupations of the men listed in the marriage registers convey the mixed membership of the society at the end of the last century. William was a draper, following his father into the profession, whilst Frances’ father was a chemist. Other professions recorded included accountants, decorators, commercial managers, clerks, wood joiners, engineers, upholsterers and telegraphers!

With the register of marriages continuing after the Society’s move to Conway Hall in 1929 (the last entry is in 1976), these records are also a fantastic tool for family historians.

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Humanist Library and Archives reference: SPES/4/5/3


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